Every day at Alfonso Torres, we select the potatoes brought in directly from the fields. We peel, wash, cut and fry them carefully in top-quality oil so that you can enjoy genuine fritter-stall potato chips. The secret of the thickness of the potatoes and the crafted production process we have been using since 1975 make our potato chips tasty, very crunchy and with just the right amount of salt. frase

The Origins

Patatas Alfonso Torres started as a small fritter stall in Carrer Núria in Premià de Mar. It is currently an industry that supplies potato chips and other snacks throughout the country while upholding the quality and characteristic taste that has given us such good results for over thirty years.

Crafted production

Commitment to quality starts in the fields. Our fields are located in the best zones in the peninsula and all through the year yield high calibre potatoes of exceptional quality.Experts oversee an initial quality selection: potato-by-potato. Once cut, the potatoes are fried in high-quality oil. The high quality of the products used and the crafted process that involves neither preservatives not additives, give an unmistakable natural taste to Alfonso Torres home-style potato chips.

Our potato chips

Our range of home-style crafted potato chips is made with neither colourings nor preservatives: Home-Style Potato Chips, Wavy Potato Chips,Salt-Free Potato Chips.They contain no gluten and are therefore suitable for coeliacs.
Home-Style 180g
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Salt-Free 150g Wavy 180g
Home-Style 45g


If you wish to become a distributor of Alfonso Torres potato chips or would like to meet the nearest distributor, send us an email at:


Xaloc, 12
08338 Premià de Dalt
Barcelona - Spain
Tel. +34 937 521 067
Fax +34 937 525 301
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