About us
At Alfonso Torres, we daily select the potatoes that take us directly from the fields, we peel, wash, cut and fry them carefully in top-quality oil, so that you can enjoy authentic churrería fries.

The secret of the thickness of the potatoes and the process of production that we have followed since 1975, make our French fries look tasty, very crispy and just the right point of salt.

Quality begins with the selection of the raw material in the countryside.

We are a company that, being of family origin, with strong regional roots, is modern, open to the world, with a spirit of constant improvement, flexible in making changes and highly professional.

The corporate mission of A.M.A. Torres, S.L. is to develop and offer tasty, high-quality food products that generate a high level of satisfaction for all consumers. To do this, we must consistently anticipate market expectations, promoting the quality of our products and developing a brand valued by its customers as a competitive advantage. From the above, our task is to generate added value and be a factor of growth and development for the community, collaborators and shareholders.

To be the supplier of food products preferred by customers and consumers for the quality of their products and for the differentiated image of their brands. We envision ourselves as a modern, profitable company, actively participating in external markets, developing our talents and skills in an exceptional work environment, motivated by continuously seeking and satisfying the needs of customers, consumers, and developing relationships in mutual collaboration with our suppliers.

The values ​​that have characterized and will be a permanent reflection of the company and its workers are:

● Responsibility.
● Consequence.
● Perseverance.
● Seriousness.
● Respect for people.
● Cooperation and teamwork.
● integrity
● Passion
● Innovation