Patatas Alfonso Torres started in a small churrería on Calle Nuria in Premià de Mar. Today it is an industry that supplies Potato Chips and other snacks to the entire national territory, maintaining the quality and characteristic taste that produces such good results. have given for over thirty years.
In 1975, a small shop churros starter in the municipality of Premia de Mar, Barcelona. This business was started by Alfonso Torres and Dolores Ortega.
In 1990, Alfonso and Dolores had to choose between making churros or fried potatoes. After several weeks, they decided to make potato chips. This decision led them to purchase a factory in the Buvisa industrial estate in Premià de Dalt, where they started the activity.

In 1990, the second generation of the family joined the staff, with Manuel and Alfonso Torres.

After analyzing the situation in which they were living both Alfonso and Dolores, they decided to expand their staff to cope with the high demand they had.

In 1992, they already distributed their product throughout Catalonia.

Sales began to large stores such as Condis, Carrefour or Alcampo, which led them to become known nationwide.

Due to these sales, they were able to renew and update all the machinery.

In 2008, an economic crisis began, which led Alfonso and Dolores to take drastic measures in order to survive it. Measures such as reducing staff due to declining sales.
In 2010, Alfonso and Dolores decided to retire and give the power of the company to his two sons, Manuel and Alfonso Torres.
After several years struggling to get carry forward the company, the two brothers managed to overcome the hard years and increase sales, making it possible to innovate and improve products.
After several market studies, analyzes and evaluations, three new flavors (anchovy, ham and cheese and truffle) were released. These new products made it possible to start exporting to Canada and France.
The increase in exports to countries including Sweden and Russia, given the possibility to make a complete renovation of the company by buying more productive machinery.
In 2019, the third generation of the family joined with Pau and Noelia Torres. This year, you have the same strength and enthusiasm for being able to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the year.